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This Week’s Music: Gracey, Adam Lambert And Halsey

This week's column features Gracey's new song, Adam Lambert's last music video and Halsey's first solo single of the year.

‘He Stole My Thunder!’ Says Hollywood A-Lister Who Shares Birthday With Baby Sussex

George Clooney may not be a likely candidate for godparent to Baby Sussex, but he has the next best thing: He shares a birthday with him.
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Dogs Of Instagram: Welsh Corgi

If you follow the Royals, likely you follow their Corgis. Originating in Wales, the Welsh Corgi has been linked to the British Royals for centuries.

The Austrian Government Warns People Against Kissing Cows

GDW Europa Narvik. The Campaign in Norway Un-punched, and Very Rare
The Austrian government issued a statement warning people against kissing cows. Why? Because there's a "Cow Kiss Challenge." The government's message was clear: Don't be dumb. Don't do it.
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Baby Sussex Birth Certificate Reveals Meghan Markle’s Official Occupation

The official birth certificate for Archie Mountbatten-Windsor has been released for the world to see. That's great and all, but did you see what his mom listed as her occupation?
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This Is The Least Popular Female Royal According To A New Poll

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Carbles Board Game, Double Sided 4 & 6 Player, Round, Natural colord If you had to pick your favorite royal, who would it be? In theory, you might think it would be a heated race between new parents Meghan and Harry. But a new poll says otherwise.
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Will Smoking Marijuana Make Me Psychotic? These Scientists Think Your Genes Have The Answer

Caverna The Cave Farmers plus Water Features Expansion Unpunched Canadian scientists tried to answer that question by determining if an individual’s genetic makeup could determine how they’d respond to THC.
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Author Morgan Jerkins posted a tweet that quickly went viral, asking her followers if they knew all the names of the 22 Democrats who had announced their candidacy for 2020.
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Game of Thrones Game Got Board Game Risk Monopoly Cluedo German Englisch New The presidential nominee announced this week that he supports marijuana decriminalization, but he wouldn’t go so far as to support legalization at a federal level.
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Cannabis Industry Using Health Insurance To Snatch Up Uber And Lyft Drivers

CONCORDIA Forum & NAVEGADOR Privilege Tiles Board Game Expansion Promo Preorder Drivers presently earning a living through tech companies like Uber and DoorDash may want to consider delivering marijuana instead.
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Blac Chyna Reveals NSFW Details About Her Relationship With Rob Kardashian; Mom Spends $30K...

The latest celebrity and entertainment news from Naughty Gossip.
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